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KeyPhonics Assessment: provides actionable data on the most critical phonics skills necessary to become a proficient reader. KeyPhonics enables you to target and maximize your reading instruction for all students.

“We use the data to create instructional focuses for each student and it dramatically affects and changes the way we teach.”  Principal in Western New York

Why do I need KeyPhonics?

Why KeyPhonics is the BEST!

Fast: 2 – 5 minutes  per student

Easy: Training, Administration, Scoring, Data Usage

Comprehensive: 103 Single and Multisyllabic Phonics Patterns

Technology Based: Chromebook or iPads

Two Assessments in One: Screening and Diagnostics

Instant Reporting: Graphs, Tables, Diagrams, Recommendations

Linked to Instruction: at District, Grade, Class, Small Group, Student Levels

Research Based: Reliable and Valid


 2 – 5 minutes  per student


Easy: Training, Administration, Scoring, Data Usage


103 Single and Multisyllabic Phonics Patterns

Why do I need KeyPhonics?

KeyPhonics is the fastest, easiest, and most comprehensive phonics assessment on the market today designed for grades 1 – 5+. Within 3 to 5 minutes per student, you have instant reports on 12 key phonics categories allowing you to quickly and efficiently customize your reading instruction. 

KeyPhonics allows you to screen all students and diagnose those who need additional instructional support. KeyPhonics is administered using Chromebooks and iPads saving you time and money by eliminating the need to print materials and hand enter data. KeyPhonics is your solution to testing smarter so you can teach more.


Chromebook to Chromebook Support

Key Phonics Screener and Diagnostics testing has been configured to run seamlessly on any Chromebook device.  More and more schools are replacing their outdated computers…

iPad Bluetooth Connectivty

To make it simple for our school districts to use iPad in the classroom we have added the ability to connect two iPads directly with…

Instant Scoring Results

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KeyPhonics is the fastest and most efficient screener on the market.  Easy to onboard and train via the web.

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Fast Turnaround

Key Phonics screening gives instant results after a 3-5 minute testing period.

Simple Design

iPad and Chromebook versions allowing a teacher to administer and control student iPad or Chromebook.

Research Based

Reliable and valid scores based on 20 years of research by reading based Phd’s.

API Integration

Key Phonics gives our partners the ability to integrate the application directly into their product offerings.

Two Assessments in One

Screening and Diagnostic Tests measure phonics skills at Tiers I, II, & III.  A teacher or reading specialist can give a screener test and diagnostic immediately after. Diagnostic testing allows a reading specialist to direct the phonics testing to a specific skill category.

Both screener and diagnostic testing offer robust reports at the district, school, grade, class and student levels.  The reports allow curriculum directors and reading specialist to make educated decisions on the path for a student, group and entire classroom.

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